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    SPY MAC (spymac.com) Vs Gmail (Gmail.com)

    MarketingCame in SecondCame in First
    AvailabilityEveryoneOn Invitation Basis currently
    POP3 AccessYes, FreeYes, Minimal Cost
    1 GB StorageYesYes
    Domain name@spymac.com@gmail
    Search FunctionalityNot KnownPowerful
    Privacyhmmm... with a name like Spy Mac you never knowGmail scans emails for keywords to display ads. They are having issues with privacy already.
    PerformanceService is slow at the moment.Seems fast
    AdsYes (Banner Ads)Text Ads based on Keywords
    Web Hosting YesNo
    Conversation Grouping NoYes
    User Name RestrictionNot sure but I know 5 character logins availableHas to be between 6 and 30 characters
    Invitation Infon/aAvailable to Blogger.com users. Invitation is still randomly given to the users.
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